All About Us

By The People is a project that aims to document the highs and lows of setting up a creative start-up in 2015. The product of an incubator between For The People and UTS (The University of Technology, Sydney) it intends to share the experience of creating a new business in a digital era. An era defined by Silicon Valley, startups, accelerators, power to the people, and new models for doing business.

Using audio, visual and written content, By The People aims to provide a resource for the industry and anyone looking to start up a business. It hopefully shines some light on the practical and emotional aspects of leaving the safety of employment and what it's like to head down an uncertain path of risk and opportunity.

The Team

Tom Stoddard
Self taught podcast producer, aspiring teller of stories. Designer by day, audio wizard by night. Final year student at University of Technology, Sydney, studying Visual Communications.

Liv King
Designer at For The People, type-nerd, grounding anchor, level-headed one, feelings counsellor. Liv has been recognised for her prolific design efforts, and is an integral, early member of the For The People team.

Ben Walker
Ben is a designer at For The People, and has lent his skilled animating hand to the various graphic and motion elements of By The People.

For The People

Damian Borchok
In 2014 Damian decided to put his career where his mouth was and resigned after 7 years as CEO of Interbrand Australia. For The People represented a fresh start in helping leaders reimagine business for the 21st Century. Damian’s had an eclectic worklife, having worked in retailing, banking and for a winery, before spending the last 15 years consulting on brand strategy and business transformation, innovation and culture change. Damian’s previous work includes: Brand transformations for Telstra, Alzheimer’s Australia and SKY TV NZ; placemaking programs for The Rocks and Darling Harbour; and cultural projects for Sydney Opera House, Opera Australia and Griffin Theatre Company. Previously a board member of the Griffin Theatre Company, Damian is now a board director of the Australian Design Centre.

Jason Little
Jason founded For The People with the belief that creative businesses need to rethink how they operate, in order to put people at the heart of who they are and what they do. Through strong focus on game-changing work and developing a thriving culture, everyone benefits - clients and staff alike. Jason has spent the last several years as running agencies as creative director in Sydney and Paris. He has helped companies and organisations through imagining and designing new experiences to encourage new behaviours. He is also Chairman of AGDA in New South Wales (The Australian Graphic Design Association), establishing new ways in which the industry can evolve and collaborate. Jason has a strong focus on large-scale transformations for destinations, corporations and organisations with previous work including the brand identities for The City of Melbourne, Optus, Seat, One Degree, and the Sydney Pavilion at the Shanghai Biennale.

Andy Wright
Andy started For The People because of a fascination with startups, digital technology and wanting to inject a change of pace in the client - agency relationship dynamic. Andy has spent equal time running marketing strategy and programs in-house as he has devising brand strategy, customer experiences and digital products and services at world-renowned agencies including R/GA and Interbrand. Andy's previous work includes: An Android augmented reality retail experience for Telstra, the rebranding of Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA, Australia Post and e-commerce brand Bookworld, and many years ago the inauguration of the world's first viral video chart.

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“Stalemate” by Fula Kuti Published by Decca Afrodisia / DWAPS 2033, 1977

“Feel It All Around” by Washed Out Published by Mexican Summer, 2009