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Visions by For The People

––– After a year of feeling the way forward, there is a system of values and approach that we feel is able to be put into words now. It is, of course, a work in progress, and will reappropriate itself to fit the real day to day life of working here as time passes. We felt it should be shared here, as we aren't the only ones who are finding out how to do all of this.

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At the beginning of a new project, our outcomes are always "To Be Decided." We're not a design, communications, stratergy, digitial, product, copywriting, video agency. We have all of those things in our armoury. Even if we're briefed on a new brand, or a new stratergy, it doesn't mean that's our answer.

We want to be digital and people first. There's a clear human approach and outcome to everything we do. In developing solutions, we go to digital platforms first. We start on screen, make things move, and build out systems from there.

Wherever possible we take the guess work out of our recommendations, the "show don't tell" approach. At best, we use prototypes over decks or slids, and motion over static. The more we have to explain, the less we've solved the problem.

“Ultimately, we want to leave the past behind."

Connecting the dots of stratergy, design and technology, because they should be one. They're not sequential. No matter what your skill set is, we're capable of understanding the strengths and value of other disciplines. No-one should be limited by their own knowledge.

We conduct frequent check-ins with internal and external teams. There will be highs and lows in the process but no big reveal. We make incremental progress everydt to create a more significant impact across a shorter period of time.

Ultimately, we want to leave the past behind. Every project is different. There is no need to recycle ideas. No "we-did-this-at-our-last-studio-this-way." We're trying to create something new. Even if something worked in the past, assume it was luck.



We're not a "family" but we are a pretty high perfoming team. And that can only happen if we dig in together. If you see someone struggling with a problem or challenge, jump in and help them out. Even better, proactively get some else's opinion. Don't be precious. 2 Brains are Better than 1. And we only hire great brains.

We have to be at the edge of what's happening out there. Be constantly learning, looking for stuff tat you don't know. Share it with the rest of the team, and most importantly, work out what that means for us and our projects.

Be Human. Sounds obvious, but sometimes in the heat of a project - and in the heat of the moment - it's easy to forget others around you. Life's a lot easier when we help each other out. Do good and we're sure someone else will pay it back to you.

Be the bigger person, be a No-Ego-Doer. We all have to muck in. If that means jumping in on a project at the 11th hour, taking out the bins or taking the dog for a walk - just get on with it. Everyone does everything here Seniority doesn't exist to dictate who does what.

Be self starter, and always know what's coming next. Don't wait to be told, identify a task or challenge and have a crack at it.

“We’re not a "family", but we are a pretty high performing team."

The work we do should always be fixing broken things, solving problems for our clients, or making the world better. If you ever find yourself questioning the purpose of what you're doing, stop and reset.

And if you don't know what you're doing, shout! If you still don't, shout louder! Ambiguity and vagueness are the biggest threats to our success. It's great to ask questions. It gives everyone else confidence that you're seeking to understand.

Embrace freedom and resonsibility. We want to be able to march to the beat of your own drum - if that means a better outcome. If you have a new idea for a process or way of working, make it happen.

Set your weirdness free. We don't want to do normal work, or come to a normal workplace. So create fun, and be a bit weird. You'll be all the more interesting and embraced for it.

And at the end of the end day, we have to bare in mind that we are really making this up as we go along. That means we won;t always be right and things will rarely be perfect. Just be confident in knowning that we're all in this together - and you will never be on your own.

For The People at The Design Conference by Analogue Digital from analogue_digital on Vimeo.